GenerOZity 4 Wrap

After a grand total of 84 hours streamed, 60 total participants, and 33 games, GenerOZity 4 has raised another $18,000~ for CheckPoint charity. The money goes towards awareness, resources, wellness initiatives aiming at the destigmatisation of mental health throughout the gaming sector such as Gamermates.

Just shy of 300,000 unique viewers tuned in throughout the Australia Day long weekend, which has a secondary stated aim of showcasing Australian and New Zealand talent on a global stage. The GenerOZity team had this to say about the weekend:

“The overwhelming support from streamers, who gave up part (or all) of their long weekend to promote an inclusive healing effort, was more than we could have ever anticipated. A big hand to our sponsors for allowing us to give away so many great prizes and provide food & drinks. Lastly, to everybody who donated so much in furthering a great cause”.

Also announced during the closing ceremony was a new initiative to run GenerOZity #5 alongside PAX Australia in Melbourne later this year, which should allow the show to vastly expand its guestlist - Early enquiries for scheduling and sponsorship can be made out to [email protected]

GenerOZity would additionally like to thank it’s sponsors: Audio-Technica, AK Racing, Bethesda, Blizzard Entertainment, Dauntless, MCV Pacific, ME3D, Monster Hunter World, MonsterVine, Mwave, New Blood, No Goblin, PAX Australia, PSYFARI, Raine & Horne, RTX Sydney, Spawn Point, Surprise Attack, Tiny Build, Versent, Xbox One X, Xsplit, and Zowie.

GenerOZity is by the community, with 100% proceeds for charity.

Providing mental health resources for the gaming community.

content creators from Twitch, YouTube, and beyond.

During the broadcast, and help out children in need!


Guerilla Popup Charity 
Mobile: 048 1337 555 (Australia)
Email: [email protected]
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