GenerOZity PAX 2018 is coming

We’re GenerOZity, Australia’s largest independent charity livestream and variety show. Our goal is to raise money for mental health by stacking the decks with Australia’s top gaming influencers and content creators across one galactic broadcast.

So far we’ve raised over $66,000 for Childsplay and CheckPoint Charity supporting mental health and children in need, and this year we’ll be running alongside PAX Australia in October for a more community focused show to make a bigger difference.

GenerOZity is by the community, with 100% proceeds for charity.

Providing mental health resources for the gaming community.

content creators from Twitch, YouTube, and beyond.

During the broadcast, and help out children in need!


Guerilla Popup Charity 
Mobile: 048 1337 555 (Australia)
Meet the Team

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